Janitorial & Building Maintenance

Stratakleen specializes in janitorial duties for strata buildings, both commercial and residential.

If you are a Property Manager, please learn more on the Property Managers page. If you are a Strata Council member, please learn more on our Strata Councils page.

A listing of common tasks are described below for your convenience.

Building Entrance Area including the Interior and Exterior

  • Clean entry doors, glass, door hardware, etc.
  • Vacuum lobby carpet
  • Clean elevator, clean tracks, etc.
  • Clean light fixtures, Intercom/Enterphone Unit
  • Clean mailboxes and area
  • Remove outdated newspapers, advertising flyers, etc – including the “blue boxes”
  • Spot sweep surrounding area for leaves and litter

Common Interior Corridors, Stairs and Landings – All Levels

  • Vacuum thoroughly with special attention to high traffic areas.
  • Spot clean carpet as necessary
  • Maintain all stairs and railings in clean condition – vacuum and dusting
  • Clean light fixtures, exit lights, change light bulbs as needed throughout
    (light bulbs are supplied at with cost)
  • High dusting to control cobwebs where possible
  • Dust/cleaning of baseboards
  • Clean glass
  • Clean fire bells, and other fixtures etc. (high level dusting)
  • Clean hallway ventilation vents as necessary (exterior wipe only)
  • Clean fire doors, stairwell and exit doors, adjust closers as necessary

Laundry Rooms

  • Clean washers and dryers
  • Move machines away from wall for thorough cleaning
  • Empty litter container
  • Clean floor
  • Report problems found to designated contact person

Storage and Utility Areas

  • Check all areas once per week, clean as necessary (may include Utility and
  • Mechanical rooms, Meter and Sprinkler Rooms, Locker Rooms
  • Keep janitor room tidy and in orderly fashion
  • Report damage, concerns to appointed designate for follow-up

Parking Level

  • Spot sweep weekly
  • Empty garbage receptacles
  • Sweep exit stairs to ground level, check drains
  • Investigate and report unusual activity if found

Garbage & Recycling Areas

  • Keep areas tidy (exterior locations place) stray items in bins
  • May include periodic application of disinfectant cleaner, etc.
  • Keep recycle bins clean

Exterior Areas including Walkways and Curbs

  • Spot sweep – leaves and litter
  • Check and replace exterior lights when required