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We offer a 'One Call Service' for Property Managers, to make your life easy.

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As a premier provider of janitorial and building maintenance services to over 100 Strata properties in the Metro Vancouver area, Stratakleen appreciates your visit here and welcomes the opportunity to provide the pertinent information necessary to make an informed decision in regard to hiring a reliable and trustworthy Property Services company.

Stratakleen was founded over 20 years ago in 1993, and to back up our claims of repeated client satisfaction, check out our testimonials from esteemed property managers and strata council members.

With an average annual advertising budget of $0.00 (yes, zero dollars!), Stratakleen has experienced steady growth year after year purely by client referrals. This fact has exceeded the Company`s expectations for growth and overall client satisfaction.

Our success record stands alone within the industry – we urge any Property Manager or Strata Council member to request a free quote for services at their earliest convenience.

Rest assured you are in good hands with Stratakleen. We are bondedensured, and WCB registered.